We founded The Wisdom Link in 2002 on the simple premise that we could create tremendous value not by being the wisdom, but by just being the link. Our clients are typically in the top 1 - 1/4% and have logged more than 20 years of experience on average while enjoying some of the very best years in their careers. They have a lot wisdom.  None are looking for another know-it-all consultant telling them what they ought to do with their business.

But what we found they do need is a resource who would listen, challenge, and then act with that insight to help them pursue the next big opportunities. Our clients need a trusted ally to validate or improve their thinking, enhance their resources, and actively pursue results with them.

We feel we have been truly fortunate to enable the hundreds of passionate and capable innovators, outliers, and industry pioneers from all across the US, UK and Canada who've crossed our paths to craft their vision and chase their goals.


Jon LoDuca  Founder

Jon LoDuca

Rachelle LoDuca  President

Rachelle LoDuca

Kathryn Burke  Managing Assistant

Kathryn Burke
Managing Assistant

Margaret Long  Art Director

Margaret Long
Art Director


Our mission is to unleash the true potential of growth-mindset businesses so they can take on bigger goals, address bigger challenges, and welcome a new chapter of growth for their business.


Year Founded:  2002

Company Launches: 450+

Hours of Interviews: 18,000+



Financial Services • Healthcare • Construction • Engineering • Manufacturing • Accounting • Consulting • Aviation • Wellness • Technology • Insurance


Our values aren’t “kinda” true. They aren’t “often the case.” These values form the bedrock of The Wisdom Link and inform what we’re like to work with, how we think about our responsibility to you and your goals, and why we are, without reservation, simply the very best at what we do.

We always get it done

We work with highly successful, busy people who require us to help them achieve measurable results. They need us to be excellent and then drive to completion so they can focus on other business needs.

We’re accountable to your ROI

We define success the same way our clients do, not by how hard we tried...but rather, whether or not we can derive specific and measurable financial results from our efforts.

We lead as well as follow

None of our clients are experts in strategy, market positioning or team training. They need direction that gives them confidence with the certainty we have their best interests, unique goals, and budgets at heart.

Leading Companies are Driving Performance with The Wisdom Link.