PlaybookBuilder enables easy set-up and customization to create a positive extension of your brand

Fully user controlled, web-based application
Control the content, community size, communication, and community management of the software.

Totally Expandable
PlaybookBuilder can house thousands of flowcharts, videos & documents.

Desktop, Mobile and Tablet responsive application
PlaybookBuilder supports Just-In-Time learning through a mobile and tablet responsive application that includes a built-in QR Code reader.

Safe and Secure
256-bit encrypted and routinely backed-up to ensure your content’s safety.

Community Management

User and Community Analytics Reporting
Track, manage and learn from the behavior of your team. Run customizable reports on usage, testing, and training frequency.

User Alert Settings
Create deadline-supported alerts for users, teams or the entire community so new content isn’t missed and curriculums are completed.

Automated user drip-email functionality
Drive adoption and enhance the learning process with fully-automated and customizable email reminders to keep your community engaged.

Custom Quiz Builder
Build customized quizzes right into your PlaybookBuilder, create randomizations, completion certificates, and track results through reports.

Content Creation

Fully modular design
Create powerful training with tools, flowcharts and videos, then move it, add to it, or share it with the community.

Screen Cast, Embed or Upload Videos
Create training right from your desktop, load from outside sources or leverage what you have.

Add Media, Documents, and Links
Add every type of content you have to share – PPTs, Word documents, Audio Files, PDFs, JPGs

User Creation

Full administrative discretion to control access
Multiple user levels to control who sees which training areas

Trackable behavior by user, team or community
Each user has a unique ID and password to track and measure use and progress

Department and Team Clusters
Users can be grouped into Teams (HR, New Hires, Sales, etc.)