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What is PlaybookBuilder™?

Playbook Builder™ is a software platform and professional services solution where we map your processes, capture best practices, and interview your subject matter experts on camera then house that content in one simple but powerful online training software.   

Capture and leverage your most valuable corporate asset and competitive advantage...your company wisdom.

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“PlaybookBuilder offered significant value in our capacity to manage growth, systemize our processes, and create future opportunities.
My company’s competitive advantage is our culture, customer experience, and quality standards. Playbook allows me to ensure everyone is receiving the same training, it’s consistent, protects my business and my personal time.”
— Brandon Brown, Owner/President American Maintenance Repair

Make Learning Stick

Create powerful multimedia-rich learning content.

Address different learning styles simultaneously.

Create or load Videos, Screencasts, QR Codes, Documents, Flowcharts, and Links.

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Track, Measure & Manage

Run usage reports for Teams, Users, and across your entire user Community.

Identify training gaps, drop-off times and testing issues.

Manage your people with raw data to drive performance and support HR.


Drive Adoption & Engagement

Create automatic email campaigns.

Create deadline-driving Alerts for new content.

Drive community engagement with published video-ratings and viewership numbers.

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We needed to bring life to our unique process, best practices and policies and Playbook Builder allowed me to free up myself. It’s is easy to use, easy to maintain, and it’s helped us to improve our training system. I highly recommend it.
— John Galego, Atlas Wealth
We love Playbook Builder and use it to train and implement wellness subspecialties in doctor’s practices across the country. It’s a great vehicle for us to convey our best practices to a large audience easily and efficiently.
— Dr. Riley Uglum, National Wellness Alliance

The Wisdom Harvest Approach


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Software Features

Leading Companies are Driving Performance with The Wisdom Link.