Something made you successful.
We find it. We define it. Then you leverage it.

The Innovation Lab is a structured creativity day for your business.

The objective is to DEFINE what makes your company unique and competitive.

Unlike traditional consultants who tell you what to do, we help you define what’s already working and how to capitalize on it. Through a rigorous interview and strategy session, we identify what has already made your company successful and how best to leverage it for growth, scalability, and market differentiation. 


We consider several foundational elements when creating a strategic business development plan: 

  • YOU: your priorities, interests, and goals
  • PRIME FUNCTION: the singular purpose of your company
  • MARKET: the demographic and psychographic of your ideal market 
  • MODEL: how your business model works and how to meet your financial goals
  • MESSAGE: what your ideal market needs to understand about your business before choosing you
  • MEDIUMS: vehicles for caring your message for lead generation, sales, and client service

From The Innovation Lab, a strategy emerges, customized for you and your business.

Innovation Lab is an opportunity to spend a very intense day, stripping back to the bare bones any conceptions (or misconceptions) you had about the focus, purpose and direction of your business. Having been through no shortage of strategy sessions, the Innovation Lab will stand-out (in my experience) in terms of how Jon LoDuca (aggressively) challenged our assumptions.
— Simon Wise, Former Managing Director of JP Morgan Chase Europe, Africa and Middle East
The Innovation Lab experience is kind of like a SWOT analysis on steroids. Jon quickly synthesizes your business. Be honest about where you are and precisely what you are seeking and Jon will poke, prod and ask often-sensitive questions to make sure you will be committed to your words and your efforts so you can take the steps required to move you to your objectives.
— Mari Martin, Performance Strategies Group
I can’t tell you how helpful the day was and how focused my efforts have become… Anyone who is not clear about the four M’s should absolutely do an Innovation Lab.
— Brian Doe, Livingworth Private Wealth
The most valuable aspect of my Innovation Lab was candid, unbiased feedback. Jon calls BS on items and asks us to provide supporting evidence. The Innovation Lab either launches or kills a hunch so that one can focus on priorities. It gets you comfortable with being uncomfortable.
— Dan Pierson, Legacy Shield
(The Innovation Lab is) a deep dive on clarifying the future vision of the business and marrying appropriate strategies to get there.
— Robert Morrison, Huber Financial
What is valuable about The Innovation Lab? EVERYTHING... truly everything! The dinner which focused on the past to the next day focused on the future. We left with an action plan that will accomplish my exact objective!
— Jen Musick, Health Solutions

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