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We allow companies to take what's already working (their genius) and make it better, make it consistent, and make it scale.


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We have put a lot of work into business development this year to re-tool our message, build out our capabilities, and increase our distribution. Our partnership with Jon LoDuca is the best investment we have ever made at Health Solutions. The energy of our team has never been this high and we are ready for fast pace growth.
— Sam Houston, EVP Business Development Health Solutions, LLC
You took my wisdom
from my head and
linked it to a process
that was alive and breathing
when it was complete.
That gave me tremendous
— John DiMonda, Senior Vice President, Head of Lincoln Financial Advisors
ROI? In the first 90 days I would say the return
has been 10-to-1. Our sales cycle is shorter.
We closed three out of the last three of
our clients and were able to do it faster
because we were telling the story better.
After a year, I expect our return to be 50-to-1.
— Ron Fuhrman, TrueNorth Benefits Division
If you are an entrepreneur, you will never regret a minute spent with The Wisdom Link. Jon has a pure talent for harvesting the real wisdom that lives inside you. The Wisdom Link team will be one of the best investments you ever made in your business, but also an investment in yourself.
— Chris Horvath, SPG Financial
The Wisdom Link allows companies to scale decision-making inside the organization.
— Michael Babikian, Tech entrepreneur and former President and CEO of Transamerica
The Wisdom Link helped me to create a monopoly in such a unique way that it cannot be duplicated
— Riley UglumFounder/OwnerEye Care Associates/Promethean Ventures

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