The Four Energies

the four energies

Where’s your business focused?

For most of you following my blog you know that high-performance entrepreneurs fascinate me.  I am just as interested in the more obscure stuff as I am the specific tactical activities that drives performance.

When it comes to company culture, one of the key observations I’ve made over the years addresses FOUR ENERGIES where a company can place its attention.  

So, which one is best?   

Trick question. They’re all important.  What’s critical is that there is a state of balance.  Getting out of balance with these four is where companies begin to struggle.


Out of Balance:  Thinking the business is there to serve YOU.  Feeling entitled with clients or the team, putting your needs first to the exclusion of others…OR trying to serve the business so much you let it run your life, deplete your energy, life force, and creativity.

Balanced:  Looking out for yourself by getting paid well, taking time off, remaining healthy and aligned with your greater purpose.  Operating in the business in accord with your personal Prime Function.


Out of Balance:  Obsessing over the competition and placing so much emphasis on them that you are distracted from the real competition – your own limited focus and ability to execute.

Balanced:  Staying aware of who is in your space and what they offer.  Understanding how players in your space are communicating and how they out-sell your team when they do.  Not allowing the team to obsess.


Out of Balance:  Either caring too much and then, like any co-dependent relationship - creating dysfunction OR neglecting their unique needs altogether and expecting them to remain loyal and active.

Balanced:  Respecting and enjoying your clients.  Serving them with passion and enthusiasm and yet holding the line on boundaries.


Out of Balance:  Becoming fearful of them, angry with them, or overly permissive with them.  The worse sin here – neglecting the team by abdicating the leadership role.

Balanced:  Supporting the team, looking out for their needs and creating value by eliminating obstacles and enriching their professional experience.  Driving their performance by igniting their passions.

Here’s the perfect balance of all FOUR ENERGIES as I’ve witnessed it:  A company where the clients are passionately served by a team who are supported and encouraged by a happy and enthusiastic entrepreneur who doesn’t sweat the competition.

How do you balance?