The 6 Tips to Capturing Intellectual Capital Systems

When it comes to capturing your intellectual capital systems, nothing can give your organization better traction, scalability or a higher valuation when the time comes to sell. What’s not to like?

The problem?  Wondering where to get started.

With sexy new software like for creating robust multi-media operations manuals, the task is starting to look quite appealing.  Here are our top 6 tips to capturing your business systems and transforming them into intellectual capital revenue.

  1. Start with what’s working:  If you are wondering where to begin with systems to capture, consider building from the positives.  While it will be productive at some point to tackle the things that are broken, getting momentum and harvesting systems that work is best.
  2. Track Along Your Client Experience from Sale to Fulfilled:  Consider that the client “experience” is like a spinal column. Like vertebrae, those big steps from a sale to a happy customer are the main milestones in a client engagement and the sub-systems that attach are like your nervous system.
  3. Toggle Between Client Facing and Back-Office Perspectives:  Start by outlining what clients see, read, hear and experience and then build out all of the systems that support those efforts.
  4. Define the Transformation:  Capturing systems can lead you to defining “culture” if you get inside the WHY behind the WHATS.  Defining your client’s transformation from the beginning of an engagement to the end is a powerful way to define the essence of your value.
  5. Map It, Then Define It:  Lay out all the steps and map them like a flowchart.  Big things first, like “first client meeting” – then start layering all the sub-systems around it like, “create meeting agenda”, “tidy boardroom”, “send invite”,  etc. etc. until that single step is nailed.
  6. More Video And Tools – Fewer Lines of Text:  English majors be warned, the best way to build an operation's manual is with video, not text.  With simple two and three minute videos you can organize, communicate and express the details as well as the sprit of what you do and why.

If "intellectual capital" is defined as your intellectual property working for you, then building an operations manual of systems and procedures is one of the fastest routes to monetization.  Get started today and you’ll see the rewards of your efforts.

PS Below here is a link to a Wisdom Harvesting Tool - this is a great resource for defining your wisdom and how it serves others.

download the Wisdom Harvest Tool