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The Intellectual Capital Revolution: Algorithms or Emotional Intelligence

Recently, at a WisdomNetwork event in Chicago a group of highly successful entrepreneurs gathered to talk about the future of business, communication and market positioning. This private forum for future-casting leveraging the intelligence, experience and wisdom of the group alighted upon a powerful concept that I wanted to share: The big shift for this century is the division between two pathways for value creation: Algorithms or Emotional Intelligence.

The world of algorithms is encroaching into every sector. Since the first calculator, we've borrowed the ladder of technology to simplify and streamline. Even service businesses are losing out to the power of the microchip to commoditize the contribution of people. Look at the big picture and you start seeing Artificial Intelligence everywhere. If it can become a algorithm it will. Insurance policy kiosks at the airport, Amazon sending drones to deliver your goods, Google filtering your news. It's here.

Alternatively, the world of EQ or Emotional Intelligence is the last bastion of opportunity for service-businesses that can grasp the importance of it fast enough. If everything left brain can become an algorithm then it's the world of the right brainer that will create value into the coming centuries. Creativity, empathy, passion, humor and non-linear thinking will become the prized human skills as AI encroaches into every other aspect.

Algorithms or EQ. Which side will you be on?

Let me know what you think!

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