Look Ma, No Brains - 10 absolutely stupid things I’ll stop doing in 2016

2016 It’s that time again.  It’s the end of the line for 2015 and time to start thinking about the next twelve months.  I never have  much enthusiasm for my birthday but I do get quite excited about ripping that calendar down and starting with a fresh slate each January.

Here’s what I’m saying “no” to in 2016:

1.   Thinking I’ll get my workout in “after work” Look, I’m a grown man and I’ve been me for a long time.  You’d think I’d know by now that I’m simply not going to feel like working out after spending all day at the office no matter how good that sounds lying in bed in the morning.

2.    Watching the “news” and expecting it to make sense, inform me accurately or do more than manipulate me and my attention The most important thing I learned during the debates? That I wasted an incredible amount of time watching the “show” and I could have finished reading The Big Short instead.

3.    Underestimating the importance of leveraging my unique strengths within our company “What’s for sale” at your company?  It’s the same thing that’s for sale at mine:  Our wisdom, gifts and passion.  Failing to capitalize on those is punishable by complexity, frustration and burn out.

4.    Cutting my own hair Enough said.

5.    Wanting my sons to grow up so I can do “big kid” things with them I used to want to hurry up their growing up so I could do more fun stuff with them.  Now all I want is for the growing up to STOP (or at least slow down).

6.    Eating at my desk instead of in the amazing park across the street “Never let a good day or a nice park go to waste” is a fine piece of advice for anyone who lives 90% of his or her life above 12ft. of concrete.

7.    Missing the moment by focusing on the future all the time I know it’s lame but it’s still the single biggest mistake and source of life-dissatisfaction I make.  Where is Jon?  “Oh, he’s up in his head.”

8.   Restructuring companies while we are also making significant offering  changes to that company OK, OK I believe it now.  You were right.  No good idea is worth killing myself, compromising my time with my family that much or causing insane amounts of stress and overwhelm for everyone in my wake…  even if it is Lead Generation™.  2016 advice:  Just chill-out cowboy.

9.    Eating quinoa For feeding a gerbil, I can understand - but as a bi-pedal hominid cruising for flavor, I have yet to understand the cardboard curiosity they call quinoa.  No way in 2016 am I going anywhere near that crap again.

10. Staying up late watching The X-Files reruns on HuLu What in the hell is it with that show?  The truth might indeed “be out there” but I need to get my self to bed.