Arrival by Abduction

entrepreneur The path to prosperity evolves through sacrifice and often consists of long hours, sleep deprivation, and a justification for devaluing our personal priorities. We do “all of the right things”. We put our head down and fight. We innovate, and we work harder and faster.

When we arrive at the destination (the promotion, pay increase, revenue goal), we often find that we are exhausted, defeated and lacking the satisfaction we’d hoped for.

Unfortunately our assumption about success is defined in monetary value and job titles that society has determined.

We never looked up and asked, “What the hell am I working so hard for?” Your dedication continues to remain irrelevant.

Relevance Begins With Vision:

Vision creates power, builds anticipation, influences followers, and cultivates extraordinary results. Vision is the foundation of YOUR destination.

History’s Leaders created unbelievable outcomes by defining their destination. Their clarity of vision formed the energy needed to support the sacrifice and drive the result. We are familiar with the journey of those that were the greatest at defining their vision:

Martin Luther King – “I have a dream”

John F Kennedy – “We will put a man on the moon”

Walt Disney – “If you can dream it, you can do it”

Begin today; create your destination of arrival. Define what you are working towards before accepting and allowing the next opportunity to exert you towards the wrong outcome.

How do YOU know when you have arrived?

  • Define the specific quality of life you are seeking and know why you want it.
  • Imagine only the things you want to happen and expect it to happen.
  • Imagine how it feels to arrive in this moment.

Command your arrival! Create your moment.

  1. Write your speech for THAT day.
  2. Write YOUR perfect day.
  3. Keep a journal for gratification of YOUR path.
  4. Create YOUR vision board, acknowledge daily.

At The Wisdom Link, we work with the top 1% entrepreneurs in the US, UK and Canada. We recognize that many may have the same commodity; they have identical habits that contribute to their success. They are each different however. What differentiates them from the marketplace is what lies at the “heart” of the business. They too, like our leaders in history, began with THEIR vision.

“If you are working on something exciting, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” –Steve Jobs